So who is Amir Johnson?

Amir Johnson against the Toronto Raptors    

     Detroit drafted Amir Johnson in 2005, straight out of high school. Last season, Johnson only played in eight games all year, due to the fact that he was assigned to the NBA’s Developmental Leauge for most of the year. However, in the Pistons final regular season game, Amir Johnson played 37 minutes against the Bostons Celtics, and scored a season-high 20 points. In the D-Leauge last season, Johnson averaged almost 19 points per game and almost 10 rebounds per game.

     If Amir is giving some quaility minutes off the bench next season. I can see him as a big energy guy coming into a game. Johnson has young legs, which is something the Pistons have become unacustomed to. Also, I think that Johnson is big enough to put in minutes as a power forward, but also has the skill and the swing-man ability to play small forward when Prince needs a rest. I really see good things in Amir Johnson. All I need to see now is if the Pistons will give him a steady dose of minutes coming in off the bench now that Delfino is gone. And for that I will have to wait for next season.

     If you still want to know who Amir Johnson is, check out this video.