Could the Knicks Land the Meanest Front-Court in the NBA?

Ron Artest    

     According to a rumor I read about on NBA Fanhouse, the New York Knicks may be looking to pick up Sacramento’s starting small forward, Ron Artest via trade. As of right now, New York has 17 players signed to contracts on their roster, and the maximum they can have in an NBA season is 15. This means that New York has to get rid of two players before the start of next season.

     It looks like Isiah Thomas may be looking to deal some of his young talent for the veteran Ron Artest. Players the likes of David Lee or Jared Jefferies could be on the table during New York’s discussions with the King’s organization.

     If the Knicks could land Artest, I think that they would complete what is the most dynamic starting front-court in the NBA right now. If that is going a little too far, it would at least be the best front-court in the Eastern Conference. However, I’m not sure if Isiah wants to deal with the character problems that Ron would bring into New York. Old Zeke already has Zach Randolph to attend to, and adding Artest might be too much.

     But no one can deny that teaming up Eddy Curry, Zach Randolph, and Ron Artest looks like a great group of big men on paper. If the Knicks do land Artest, thinking of how much damage those three could do to opposing Eastern teams is all most scary. I know that Curry, Randolph, and Artest would rip the Pistons bigs to pieces on the boards.

     If and when the Knicks land Artest, I’ll be sure to let you all know.


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