Billups’ Contract is now “Unoffically Offical”

Billups Shooting a Jumper    

     According to the Detroit Free Press, Chauncey Billups and the Pistons have agreed to a deal. The new contract will keep Billups on the team for five years (with the fifth year being a team option). Billups will make 60.5 million dollars with this contract.

     Hopefully this is the last of the negotiations between Billups and the Pistons. Chauncey can officially sign a contract next Wednesday, which I hope he does with Detroit. This new contract is only slightly more than what was reported to the media a few days ago. Billups’ agent hasn’t renounced this agreement yet, which may be a good sign.

     Be sure to check back here on the 11th to see if Billups does in fact re-sign with the Pistons.


One Response to “Billups’ Contract is now “Unoffically Offical””

  1. clutch3 Says:

    I think this is great news for the Pistons organization. They desperately need Billups running their offense. From here, where the Pistons go is a tough question. They clearly need some power off the bench. In my article, I recommend backing Chauncey with someone like a Brevin Knight. Check it out at

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