Free Agency Updates From Around the Leauge

Grant Hill    

     Since it is now the off-season for the NBA, there really is only one thing that keeps people interested in basketball right now. And that thing is rumors. Trade rumors, free agency rumors, anything that is being whispered about gets peoples attention. Well, I guess I have to get in on the rumor business as well if I want to have anything to write about, so here it goes…

     It looks like Grant Hill is going to be leaving the Eastern Conference after spending his entire career to this point near the east coast. Apparently Hill has agreed with Phoenix’s offer of a $1.2 million deal, which was the best offer the Suns would give the veteran. Even if this deal goes through, which it looks like it more than likely will, this wont have a real impact on any NBA team. I don’t even think Hill will help out the Suns much. Grant isn’t getting any younger, and his body isn’t losing any of the wear from all those surgeries he’s had over the years. Add that to the fact that the West is a much more competitive Conference than the East, and I think it’s clear that Grant Hill won’t have much of an impact out West.

     Here’s a free agent case that might be good for the Pistons. Cleveland’s flopping big man Anderson Varejao has reportedly gotten an offer from the Memphis Grizzlies that is more than the Cavaliers want to offer him to re-up his contract. Personally, I hope that Varejao goes to Memphis. Let them have him. It’s just one less flopper that Detroit has to deal with.

     Wait, not so fast, another flopper may be packing up and shipping out for Memphis. Andres Nocioni of the Chicago Bulls has reportedly been talking to the Grizzlies’ organization, although no money has been talked about yet. Hey, if all the floppers are gone, what will we be left with in the Central Division? A bunch of basketball players who play standing up? No way.

     Looks like the Billups deal isn’t through with yet. Billups and his agent deny any accusations that he agreed to a five year deal with the Pistons. I don’t think anyone will know what is really going on until July 11th when contracts can officially be inked by the players themselves.

     That’s all the free-agent news for right now. If anything else interesting comes up, I’ll be sure to post something about it.


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